PAM Grant (Patient Activation Measure)

The PAM grant is one of the many projects that the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program has identified as a method to help decrease inappropriate utilization of the Emergency Room and encourage individuals to become more engaged in their own healthcare. The focus is on persons that are uninsured or Medicaid recipients that are not utilizing the healthcare system as it is intended. It works to engage and activate those individuals to utilize primary and preventive care services to improve overall health.

LPCCN is funded for this project through the Millennium Collaborative Care. The counties serviced through this grant include Genesee, Orleans, and Wyoming counties. The purpose of completing a PAM for these individuals is to help them realize where they are in their healthcare engagement, assist in connecting with a primary care provider and/or other services identified that are needed.

Our employees that perform under this project are required to formally train on PAM. They complete the initial PAM questionnaire, make connections as needed, then follow up with the client to assure satisfaction as well as other assistance needed. This project encapsulates three primary concepts, which drive the requirements for this project: Patient activation, financially accessible health care resources, and partnerships with primary and preventive care services.

If you serve individuals that are Medicaid recipients, and underutilizing their insurance or uninsured in Orleans, Genesee or Wyoming Counties, please contact Lake Plains Community Care Network at (585)345-6110. We would love to assist your clients in better healthcare utilization or assist them in obtaining health insurance.